Lake Area Legal LLC, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana is a multimedia and consulting firm specializing in the creation of courtroom trial exhibits and litigation support.


With over 17 years of courtroom trial experience we have created thousands of unique legal exhibits for a wide range of cases. Personal injury, automobile crashes, 18-wheeler crashes, workplace accidents, explosions, maritime accidents, medical malpractice, we have seen it all. Lake Area Legal strives to pass that knowledge onto every client and help apply it to your case.


Lake Area Legal utilizes proven techniques that help a jury understand your case. Our legal exhibits are easy to understand and to the point while always keeping the jurors attention. Whether it is settling a case or getting a great trial result, our results are proven time and time again.


From interactive high-tech multimedia solutions to an array of advanced litigation and trial support services, we incorporate years of litigation experience to produce unique and effective solutions for clients nationwide.



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Medical Illustrations

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